Walking with Walt: One man's journey in the footsteps of Walt Disney

As I near the autumn of my life, I went back into my previous files and came across an autobiography that I started writing way back in 2015. I had made a number of new entries over the years, but I was never comfortable about publishing an autobiography, primarily because I'm a nobody.

I wasn't an established celebrity, and nothing close to a successful author. I actually wondered... "Who in the hell cares about Denny Magic?" I reasoned that because I had never achieved any real success in life, that no one would care what I tried to do.

Then in 2020 my diabetes started to rear its ugly head, and the prognosis for a long and productive life, began to wither away. Knowing my fate, I ended up making all my own funeral arrangements, and my remaining relatives have promised to place my ashes in the meadow at Camp Curry in Yosemite National Park, at the same spot where I had placed my parent's ashes (yes, in case you're wondering... spreading cremation ashes in Yosemite National Park is legal).

After making all the final arrangements, I began to think about... 'just how close I came on many occasions, to experiencing some level of success in life.' This became a nagging thought, and one day it occurred to me, that the few people who might be interested in what I did with my life, might be interested in knowing how close I actually came to being successful on more than one occasion..

I estimated that there are probably less than a half-dozen people who might read such a book. And what I arrived at, was the thought that the few people who might actually attend my memorial service in Yosemite National Park... MIGHT appreciate reading my life's story. This might just be my ego talking, but my words are written with the highest level of sincerity.

So what I did was go back through my book and try to edit everything, so that it was a decent read, and hopefully... anyone who has an iota of interest just might appreciate my life's story. Probably not. But maybe. Then I decided that I would put an exorbitant price tag on the book, which I surmised might dissuade the General Public from wanting to buy the book.

I did that because Amazon allows us authors to purchase our own books at wholesale prices... I would be able to purchase copies that could be given away (for FREE) to anyone that drove all the way to Yosemite National Park to attend my memorial service.

No one that I have ever met in life, has ever followed through and actually wrote their life's story. As an active author I didn't want to fall into that category. I was therefore driven to make sure that I finished writing my autobiography. As I reach the pinnacle of my writing career, I suddenly felt a need to tell my story to anyone that wanted to know.

IF you didn't know me on a personal level, and you still decided to buy this book... Thank you for the 'vote of confidence', "You're a braver man than I Gunga Din".