Emma's Wicked Ways:  An American Haunting

Dean Hargrove had worked most of his adult life as a copywriter for a major advertising agency in New York city,  but when a situation arose at the company that he felt compassionate about,  one that ended up jeopardizing his job...   He finally reached the end of his rope,  and decided to retire.

Dean's wife (Julie) had already retired from her teaching career,  and when he expressed his disdain to her for what had happened at work,  they jointly decided that maybe it was time for Dean to throw in the towel.

So,  they sold their home in upstate New York,  and headed west.   They hadn't planned for it to work out this way,  but they only ended up getting as far west as York,  Nebraska.

It was the raw magnificence of the McKenna Mansion that the real estate lady had showed them, that raised their curiosity.   Yes...   the place needed a lot of attention.   But if they could get the place for a decent price...   It would be worth it.

Little did they know what they were getting into.

Faye,  a love story

An act of kindness by an innocent stranger,  causes a ghost from the past to come forward,  seeking help in vindicating her unresolved situation from the past.

Our hero gets caught up in a deeply personal investigation,  that will take him to a supernatural world,  which will ultimately lead him to the love of his life.

A soundtrack by multiple songwriters from the United Kingdom can be enjoyed by visiting

Illustrations by artist Cyril Jordan.

The Fires of Fall

Paul Regis has nightmares that draw him back to Nazi Germany in World War II.   How will his past life influence his present-day life?   His quest will force him to deal with a modern-day threat in order to satisfy what he may have been responsible for in his past.   Can his two lives  'cross over and meld'  in modern times?   The ghosts of the past must be put to rest.


The Plant Dancer

It has been said...   "If you remember the sixties, then you weren't there!"
David Rush the creative writer,  was certainly there,  and he's being interviewed by a very young and ambitious reporter named Peter,  from the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the beginning we get to know David,  but ultimately it's a story about how Gwendolyn Rush became a  'Plant Dancer'.   Most people have never heard of Plant Dancers',  but they've existed for centuries.   They're Wiccans (not to be confused with Witches) that have learned the secrets of communicating with plants.

While the modern world searches to discover and reveal the existence of Extraterrestrials,  Wiccans don't have to look very far to recognize that plants,  are a very reqal and conscious life form.   Possibly one, that is as self-aware as we are.

Some astute humans like Gwen have come to realize that certain plants have the ability to form a symbiotic relationship with humans.   A relationship that's been overlooked since the beginning of time.

We grow and nurture them,  we get cloth from them to make clothes,  we use them in our fireplaces to stay warm at night,  we build houses from them,  we get most of our medicines from them,  and we eat them to survive.   We take so,  so,  much from them...   And yet we give them very little in return.

Maybe like  'Plant Dancers'  preach,  we should just love them?

The Wooden Cowboy

Eddy Van Buren was a normal teenager growing up in the conservative-sized town of Aberdeen,  Texas.   Eddy and his older brother worked alongside their father on the family’s cattle ranch located on highway 10 which had been in the family for generations.

Without warning the economy began to shift,  and it wasn’t long,  that his mom and dad had to sell the ranch to a large corporation that wanted to set up shop along the busy highway.

The two brothers were forced to seek employment elsewhere.   Eddy ended up working across highway 10 at Greeley’s General Store.

Greeley’s was where all the local men met to swap stories and socialize.   It was not Eddy’s idea of  ‘gainful employment’  but because it was only steps away from his family’s property,  he decided that he would take the job.

The highlight of his day was listening to all the old-timers stories.   It was educational and always entertaining,  and it wasn’t long before he was accepted as a member of the locals.   He had heard all the tall tales,  but he really didn’t start paying attention until the discussion drifted to  “The Wooden Cowboy”.   A carved wooden statue that was standing guard on the store’s front porch.

Eddy was drawn to tales about the statue’s unnatural abilities,  and before he knew it...   he found himself in deeper than he had ever thought possible.


Brett Taylor was a hard working fireman working in Chicago, Illinois but he had enough, so he took an early retirement and headed for Salem, Massachusetts.

He planned to try to start his own construction business but ended up being side-tracked by some good advice. As a result, he signed a manufacturing agreement with a large corporation, and as it turned out... it proved to be a very lucrative deal.

Then he met Nikki. A flamboyant woman with a penchant for Ghost Busting. Nikki's "hobby" turned into a major breakthrough that ended up helping to solve a major crime from the past.

Brett never took anything paranormal seriously until that happened. The ghost programs on TV were just a source of entertainment until Nikki persuaded him to join her on an investigation of the Samuel Parrish homestead.

He never was a true believer... until Nikki's skills helped solve a 'cold case' that had been forgotten by the local police. This supernatural crime drama will keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the unexpected ending.