About Denny Magic

Denny Magic was born in San Francisco in 1949 at St. Francis Hospital.   He's a retired Apple® Engineer living in Northern California.   Creative Writing has always been something that he admired from afar,  but it took the free time that retirement provided,  to finally kick-start his serious interest in pursuing this hobby.

He's quite surprised that he's become a writer.   He had always hated 'English Classes' in school,  and always had poor grades in the subject.   That's why it's such a shock to him,  that he has drifted into becoming a person that writes made-up-stories!   It was NOT something that he ever dreamed,  that he'd ever do.

However,  he's always been a ham,  working his animated personality at every opportunity for friends and family!   It was commonplace for Denny to take center stage;   to describe the plot of every movie that he's ever seen.

So,  writing original stories seemed like the next logical step!   With the help and encouragement;   of his late wife Nancy Alford,  he was finally motivated to get started.

He feels like he's still a long way from perfect,  especially when it comes to editing.   But he's encouraged to know that many great writers,  like Truman Capote,  spent his time focusing on the actual story,  and leaving the editing up to his large staff.

"My goal is to dream up interesting scenarios,  characters,  and situations..   And in doing so;  I hope to provide a variety of entertainment for readers,  in every genre!"   For decades Denny has avoided writing any Horror stories.   He routinely claimed that his fertile mind is such,  that...   Writing Horror stories would give him nightmares!...   He'd often say...   "I'd rather leave the scary stuff to guys like Stephen King."   However, with the encouragement of his fan base...   he has recently considered that he may give 'Horror',  a try?

Denny's idol is the author Julian Fellowes;   who wrote the popular TV series  "Downton Abbey"  on public television's - Masterpiece Theatre.   He has often said...   "I hope that I can bring my own characters to life;  in the same way that Mr. Fellowes does?   I'd like my readers to develop an interest in knowing all about each character's personality strengths,  and weaknesses...   In doing this;  fans can hopefully become emotionally involved with all of them.

If I'm lucky enough to achieve this goal...   My stories will  'hit home'  and become meaningful.   If that happens...   Maybe I can achieve some form of immortality?  "That's why I write!"