Children's Books

Dufus,  The Calico Doggy:  The smartest hound dog I ever met

Read all about little Dufus  (The Calico Doggy)  and how he ended up being a hero.

Horse Sense

Our story takes place in Hawaii,  at a horse riding stable...   Where the horses are very smart,  and talk amongst themselves!    Their lives are devoted to transporting tourists up and down the mountain,  for tours of the island's volcano.   This they do nearly every day,  and because of this...   They are preoccupied with the tourists' that arrive to take the tours.   To the horses;   the tourists are a strange breed,  coming in all shapes and sizes.  Every tourist is very different...   from the sophisticated to the strange,  and the horses have devised a game that involves them,  being able to interact with the riders to see if they can match people up.   This the horses do each day in order to pass the time.   This practice is looked down upon by the more mature horses,  who claim that trying to influence the humans,  can only spell trouble!   But the younger ponies routinely ignore the advice of the more mature horses.   When their abilities to speak is discovered by the son of the stable owners...   everything changes.

My Name is Wa'Koo-Ba

Wa'Koo-Ba was born to Seri and Batikki who ruled their small clan of elephants for many years.   Life was good for all the clans in Africa;  until hunters started shooting the big game animals for trophies,  in 1932.   That's when life made a wicked turn for all the animals on the continent.   Suddenly the challenges of just staying alive became more and more difficult.   Prior to the hunters coming;  elephants really had no enemies to speak of.   Lions were labelled  "The Kings of the Jungle"  because of their sheer ferocity,  but Lions rarely bothered a full grown elephant,  or elephants that stood their ground in groups.   But when hunters arrived in Africa looking to add to their collection of wild beasts,  everything changed for the worst.   Then in later years an elephant's ivory tusks became valuable to man,  and soon random poachers began killing these magnificent beasts just to get the ivory.   Hundreds of mature elephants,  and even adolescent babies with tusks were separated from their mothers and slaughtered along with the magnificent males.   This is the story of one little fellow,  who grew up to become a legend...   Wa'Koo-Ba.

The Golden Horn

A Children's Storybook

Follow Jody & Henry as they search the Louisiana Swamp for a magical trumpet that will turn Henry into a great Jazz Trumpeter!

The Hero of Paris Valley

It's 1920 in the small mid-western hamlet of Paris Valley.    The city is embroiled in a political race from Mayor.   The two candidates are Willard McCobb the town's undertaker,  and Jonathan Gracey a well-liked gentleman.   Willard McCobb is the epitome of evil and has clawed his way to the top by taking advantage of the Paris Valley citizens for years.   His reputation is questionable at best.   While Jonathan Gracey's reputation is squeaky clean.

Mr. Gracey knows that he's facing quite a challenge if he wants to beat McCobb,  but he suspects that honesty,  and credibility is what will prevail if he intends to win.   Overseeing the election is a young and idealistic Magdalena Stafferd.   She's a beautiful and very smart woman who holds the position of City Clerk,  and her job is to make sure that the election is not only fair,  but honest in every way.

Phillip Gracey is the son of Jonathan Gracey,  and before too long he loses his heart to Magdalena,  and thankfully he did because he ends up revealing what a cad McCobb really is.   In doing so,  he saves Paris Valley,  and yes...   He gets the girl!

This story is filled with likable characters that help illuminate the plot,  while providing a way to help educate youngsters about the political process,  and how democracy and fairness works.

Press the play button below to listen to the interview that KBCZ RADIO did for “The Hero of Paris Valley”, a children’s book that I co-authored with Jeanne Wood, and produced with my partner (Randel Chow).

Watson & Willie - Book One:   "The Case of the Missing Dough"

Book One is part of a series of Children's Books that features two little mouses from Moratuzzi,  Italy;   who become great little detectives,  solving mysteries from their home base in Italy,  where they live in the town's bakery.

Written for children;  this series will captivate the imaginations of kids from 7 to 99!   A six song soundtrack is available by Scottish Music Composer Tom Rae and can be enjoyed by visiting

Book One is available as an audio-book narrated by Phil Williams,  and available from

Watson & Willie - Book Two: "A Case of Wu Doneet"

The boys are back  (by popular demand)  for their second adventure...   "A Case of Wu Doneet"  which takes them from the sleepy little town of Moratuzzi,  Italy all the way to the glamourous city of lights - Paris,  France.   All your favorite characters reemerge,  including...   Donatella,  Giuseppe,  Watson and Willie,  and a host of new characters like Lilly-Belle the talking cat,  and Inspector Pierre Mant'linq who grace the stage of this Parisian adventure.   There's fun and intrigue,  which starts on the train to France,  and once they arrive to see all the sights that Paris has to offer,  they get caught up in helping to solve a jewelry heist at a famous French Hotel.

Watson & Willie - Book Three: "The Haunting of Moratuzzi Villa"

Watson & Willie,  after a successful adventure in Paris,  France (Book #2),  have decided to open their own detective agency in Moratuzzi,  Italy.   With some help from Giuseppe and Donatella the cases start to trickle in,  and then a big case drops in their lap!   All they need to do is investigate Moratuzzi Villa,  which is supposed to be haunted!   Their job is to prove to the potential buyers that the Villa is indeed haunted  (you'll have to read the book to see why this is so important).

There's adventure,  and some ghosts to deal with before the two can really classify themselves as great detectives!

Be sure to catch up with Watson & Willie's previous books so you can join them on a few of their other wild adventures.

Watson & Willie - Book Four:  "Watson & Willie go to America"

With things changing at the bakery in Moratuzzi,  Italy...   Watson and Willie have decided to go to America.   Giuseppe,  Donatella,  and Michael accompany them on a cruise ship,  to ensure that they have a safe journey,  and when the team reaches New York City a visit with cousin Vinnie,  and his wife Rosa results in an offer for Watson and Willie to move in.   The boys befriend some Rats and two additional Cats on the ship,  and those friendship carry over into their new life in New York,  to their advantage.   Willie's antics still drive Watson crazy,  but he still loves his buddy like only a close friend could!

This is the last episode in the Watson and Willie franchise!

Thanks to all the fans that have allowed me to share these adventures with you,  your kids,  and your grandkids.

The Watson & Willie Compilation: Set of four (4) books

For fans of the Watson & Willie adventure series,  here's a chance to own all four (4) books as a single volume.   In addition,  you'll save a significant amount of money by purchasing this compilation.   The Watson & Willie series is a set of adventures that take place by two inquisitive mouses [SIC] from the little hamlet of Moratuzzi,  Italy.   They start off living in the town's bakery,  run by Giuseppe Alessandro and in book #4 the migrate to America.   This children's series entertains as it also educates youngsters (as well as adults) about life's various lessons.   If you have small children at home,  or you're grandparents who are interested in reading great bedtime stories to your grand kids...   Then the Watson & Willie series is a wonderful choice!

Watson & Willie - Book Five:  "The Baker"

Michael Alessandro learned all that he could about running the one and only Bakery in the small village of Moratuzzi, Italy from his father and mother - He had mastered those skills long before he inherited the bakery from his parents. Although the times and the customer's tastes' have changed over the years, Michael had payed attention to what his father had taught him about being a great baker, and a decent and fair person. As a result he became the 'go-to-guy' whenever someone was hosting a special event, such as a birthday party or a wedding.

Although baking fabulous cakes, pies, and pastries was an extremely valuable part of running the bakery... the bread part of the business was still very important to the bottom-line. Legions of young children from Moratuzzi had grown up delivering loaves of bread on their bicycles for his mom and dad, and that tradition continued into modern times.

His father had a plethora of dedicated customers that patronized the family's bakery for decades. And as he was growing up; his parents taught him how to run things in an honest way, and Moratuzzi citizens transferred their confidence from his mom and dad over to him. The business continued to grow, and after a few years Michael was becoming comfortable with the fruits of his labors.

Often Michael would have vivid dreams about Watson & Willie... The two talking mouses [sic] that his father and mother had befriended. He often thought about being on the ship that transported his parents, Watson & Willie, and him to New York City. Although his recollection wasn't as clear as he had hoped for, he did recall the friendly rats that were aboard that ship, the talking cats, and the wonderful time that his family spent with his father's relatives at the N.Y. Pizza Parlor... But he did remember the amazing skyscrapers and the automobile traffic in New York.

Moratuzzi was now starting to have it's own traffic jams, and there was talk over at City Hall about installing the hamlet's first traffic light. As people began to move to the Tuscany Region, Moratuzzi was growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the tourists who visited the village. Many of them loved the region so much, that they never returned home.

If you've been a fan of the "Watson & Willie" books, (Book #1 - #4) I hope that you'll enjoy reading about Michael as the adventure continues.

“Sarsaparilla and Bootstrap": A Montana Love Story

It’s 1910: and Montana is still a wild west5 conclave, trying it’s best to catch up to the rest of the industrial world.  Real cowboys work at local ranches, herding cattle and wrangling wild horses that are domesticated and sold across the lower 48.

Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming played host to herds of wild horses that still roamed the countryside by the thousands.  “Sarsaparilla”, a beautiful young filly from a herd based along the eastern border of Idaho, suddenly finds herself in Montana where she is captured by the crew from a local ranch.

Her family vacillated between the Idaho and Montana border where she roamed freely with close to thirty-five of her family members, running free and enjoying her life when she suddenly finds herself in captivity.

Meanwhile “Bootstrap”; who was captured and domesticated by Montana cowboys, had become very happy with his life on the ranch.  The rancher (Mr. Fawley) who domesticated “Bootstrap”, was affair and kind fellow who had always treated “Bootstrap” like a family member.  He was taught how to herd cattle, and once he became proficient at it, he found that he took to the process as if he had always herded cattle.   He actually liked his job, almost as much as his loyalty to Mr. Fawley.

Then it happened... One of the hired hands managed to capture a few new horses in eastern Idaho that included “Sarsaparilla”.

Once “Bootstrap” laid eyes on “Sarsaparilla” he was hooked.  He’d never considered how life would change after seeing her.  He had been so engrossed in his job on the ranch, that he never considered what life might be like with a girlfriend.

Of course, “Sarsaparilla” didn’t take to kindly to ranch life.  This was something that she’d have to ‘learn’, even the adjustment of having a saddle placed on her back... And, God forbid... Allowing a human being to ride on her back was quite a shock.

Initially all she wanted to do was to get back to her carefree lifestyle, and when “Bootstrap” approached her, she wasn’t interested in the slightest.  “Bootstrap’ had overcome many other obstacles on the ranch, but “Sarsaparilla” would prove to be his biggest challenge.