The Ruby Princess

When a typical family decides to spend hard earned money on a cruise, it’s a serious investment.

It’s a ”Once in a Lifetime trip”, and...  they hope that it turns into a memory worth keeping.  They depend on the advertised promises that they were exposed to, by the cruise ship company’s advertising.

Corporations as large as Princess®, who fail to deliver as promised,  can make cruising EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING.

And...Trying to get any satisfaction from a large corporation like Princess®, is NOT possible for most of us.  So, the average customer usually just ‘quits trying’ and accepts poor treatment.  Apparently Princess® has come to depend on this response, and they’re happy to watch as customers simply ‘give up’.

Typically speaking, most ‘travelers’ have very little recourse, when things go sideways.  If the cruise ship company doesn’t treat them fair, most customers’ just end up feeling cheated, and take it ‘on-the-chin’.  Just a few of these underhanded actions by a company like Princess® can spoil what could have been the best time that the customer has ever had.

As a published author I’m the exception. Number one I kept all my paperwork, and phone recordings, so I’m more than confident that everything that you read in this expose’ is 100% accurate.

Do I think Princess® will try to drag me into court.

My God, I hope so!

In fact, I’m counting on it.

A Message from Lilly-Belle:  Life after Death?

Is there life after death?   Do loved ones that have passed over,  have the ability to communicate with the living?   Can they get a message through, by speaking through a beloved pet?   What coincidences can follow the loss of a loved one?   Here's one such story.

An Amazing Christmas

From tragedies can come miracles!   This is a true story about an experience that I had,  that was about as close to a miracle that I could ever hope for.   It was inspirational for me, and I hope that it will be inspirational for you too?   We should take the holiday season to think about those who are gone,  and to remember them.   American Indians have a saying ...   "When you speak the name of those that have passed-on,  they live again through memories!"

I hope that my story touches your heart.

Back to the Cuckoo's Nest

All of us are facing old age,  and some of us...   foreseeable medical problems.   Some have a wonderful connection with loving families,  and can remain at home.   Some do not.   Those that do not,  will probably end up in what used to be called an  "Old People's Home".    They are all listed under all kinds of different names these days,  but the end product is essentially the same.   When we are young we seldom consider that we may have to  'face the music'  when we grow old.   Speaking for myself...   I have no  'close by'  family members,  no children,  and no good samaritan neighbors who are looking out for me.   This situation is not uncommon,  and could have an effect on many of us when we get old.   I don't consider myself that old (who does?) and this story is how I ended up in Vasona Creek Healthcare for months with a broken foot.   On the surface my story might seem a little bit trite,  but because I am a published writer (mostly fiction) I had this experience,  and I think that you might be interested in hearing all about what happened to me?   Maybe not?   But if getting old is on your mind,  or you have a parent or a grandparent that you are concerned about...   than this book might provide you with some valuable insight?

Belly of the Beast

This is my true story.   It's about how I played an important role in helping to keep the General Motors Assembly Plant in Fremont,  CA - open for three additional years,  after corporate big shots in Detroit were looking for ways to close the plant down.   More than 3,000 jobs were at risk...   not to mention the loss of annual bonuses that the corporate bosses in Fremont were so worried about!   If you've ever been involved in the automobile industry,  you need to read my inside story to learn how things were run back then.   I waited more than forty years to tell you this story,  in order to protect the reputations of those that I worked with.   There are some profound lessons in my story,  that speak to the power of the almighty dollar.   I hope that we can learn from our mistakes,  and become a great country again!   Change begins within each of us.

Los Chinos

This is an autobiography covering a time in my life when there were Hippies,  Biker Gangs,  free love,  and lot's of wacky-weed.   It's nothing Earth shattering,  but...   you may find it of interest?   Especially if you were alive during the sixties?