Topical Subjects

Ghosts: . . .   and things that go bump in the night

If you want to believe something hard enough you will!   No one can change your mind.   But in my personal opinion you need to think like a scientist when contemplating these fascinating subjects.

You need to ask all the right questions,  and you need to validate your hypothesis with undeniable facts.   Remember what the astronomer Carl Sagan said...   "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

I wrote this little document,  not to change your mind,  but instead to open it to wonderous levels of unique ideas that have mystified man.

This story comes to you in the tradition of  "The Twilight Zone",  I hope that you enjoy it!

Why CBD Oil

If you knew about a substance or a drug,  that would help people,  without any known side-effects...   wouldn't you want to tell someone who was suffering?   Would you allow big pharmaceutical companies to tell you to keep quiet?   NO!   Of course not.!

Now,  what if you were a Doctor,  who worked for a major HMO...   Would you let them dictate to you that you had to keep this information from your patients?   That is what is happening in this great country of ours!   President-elect Trump claims that he wants to  "Make America Great Again!"...   then let's start by helping people get well again!   This little book might open your mind like a steel ax!