Crime Dramas

Deer Day

This is a 1940's era;  crime drama, written in a  "Film Noir"  style. I hope you (like me) might envision Humphrey Bogart playing the role of a San Francisco Gumshoe (Detective - Vincent Gable).   We follow Eric (Pee-Wee) Simms and Frank Bowman as they hit the beach in Normandy France - where a friendship is formed,  one that will last the two of them a lifetime.   Take the journey with Frank and Pee-Wee to see how their lives play out.

The Carpenter Murders

Adult Crime Drama:  Gregory  "Chico"  Barnes has just made Detective with the San Francisco Police Department, and he was thrilled to get the promotion.   After nine years in auto-theft;  he could not wait to get into something a little bit more exciting.   The high profile cases that the homicide department handled were cases that were all over the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle;  and Chico's ego was hungry for some attention.   Everyone was happy for Chico except for his wife.   Chico was looking for something exciting,  but Cheryl (his wife) was not!   For months he yearned for a real case that had some meat on the bone,  then he got his wish!   That's when he remembered that old saying...   "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it"?