Crime Dramas

Friday's Child

Wayne Thomas Daul was arrested for possession of Marijuana at the very young age of twenty-two. At that time Marijuana was considered a “Gateway Drug” that authorities thought was the pathway to a life of harder (and more addictive) drugs like Heroin, Opium, PCP, and Cocaine.

They were wrong. But it would take years before the authorities came to realize that they had made a grave mistake by incarcerating otherwise law-abiding citizens who smoked or sold weed.

After they realized this, it took several more decides before Marijuana was ultimately legalized. Unfortunately because of the way the laws were written, Wayne was already in prison for three years where he was thrown in with the main prison population.

His cell mate: Salazar Gomez who was a hardcore skinhead. was covered in Nazi Style Tattoos as a dedicated White Supremacist who also seemed proud to be a racist as well. Wayne was immediately forced to satisfy Junior, by providing him with sexual favors under the threat of being murdered. He was obviously no match for the crazy Salazar, and even if he was able to do away with Gomez some night while he was sleeping... , he knew that he wouldn’t last an hour in the main yard, which was teeming with other White Supremacists who considered Salazar... ‘one of their own’.

Wayne entered the prison system as a rather innocent young heterosexual male who essentially was forced to perform gay sex during his three year sentence. This curve ball influenced Wayne who suffered the consequences of his experience for the rest of his life.

Deer Day

This is a 1940's era;  crime drama, written in a  "Film Noir"  style. I hope you (like me) might envision Humphrey Bogart playing the role of a San Francisco Gumshoe (Detective - Vincent Gable).   We follow Eric (Pee-Wee) Simms and Frank Bowman as they hit the beach in Normandy France - where a friendship is formed,  one that will last the two of them a lifetime.   Take the journey with Frank and Pee-Wee to see how their lives play out.

The Carpenter Murders

Adult Crime Drama:  Gregory  "Chico"  Barnes has just made Detective with the San Francisco Police Department, and he was thrilled to get the promotion.   After nine years in auto-theft;  he could not wait to get into something a little bit more exciting.   The high profile cases that the homicide department handled were cases that were all over the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle;  and Chico's ego was hungry for some attention.   Everyone was happy for Chico except for his wife.   Chico was looking for something exciting,  but Cheryl (his wife) was not!   For months he yearned for a real case that had some meat on the bone,  then he got his wish!   That's when he remembered that old saying...   "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it"?

The Phantom of St. James Park

It’s 1879 in bustling London. Prosperity is booming and London is growing by leaps and bounds. The upper crust have embraced the Edwardian Lifestyle with a fervor, flaunting their wealth while the Middle Class struggles to make ends meet. The Lower-Class is hard pressed to share in, and of, this Prosperity. As a result, many young girls are thrown to the lions, and must resort to becoming prostitutes just to survive.

Dr. Herbert H. Holmes has a medical practice. He specializes in Gynecology and Woman’s Health Issues. As a single man surrounded by a never ending string of beautiful young women, his hormones are raging as he’s exposed to the supple bodies of his clients which fuels his desires and fetishes.

Due to an accident in medical school, which left his face with a small scar, he’s constantly reminded every time that he gazes in a mirror... that he’s flawed.

After working hard to become a physician he finds himself very bitter that he’s unable to attract the true affections of a loving wife. So conversely, he becomes addicted to prostitutes to fulfill his sexual desires. This causes him to walk a tightrope, as he delves into the sadistic side of his soul. Murder.

Although he graduated from one of the most prestigious medical colleges in the land, he still suffers from a lack of confidence. He feels like a failure. Yet he must keep his perverted sexual desires a secret. He must maintain A façade as he mingles with London’s elite, who are none-the-wiser about his dirty little secret.